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  • Secure and organise
    important information

    Insurance, wills, trusts, online accounts, assets details,
    service suppliers, advance directives, final wishes.

  • Manage sharing with
    family or friends

    Keepings things safe is just the start. We'll help you manage access by other trusted
    family and friends so they can be a part of helping.

  • Save money
    and keep your life in order.

    Do a free self audit of vital life details
    and optionally get access to special rates and deals on selected services.

Welcome to Living Memory

Now you can take care of keeping your life in order through one simple to manage service
to help you be organised, track vital actions and selectively involve others.

Secure Information & Document Storage

Securely store and organise important information so you can quickly find and check details. Convenient and safe.

Online Account Management

Keep track of all your online login credentials providing easy, safe management in case you need to change or disable them. In case of emergency provide access to trusted friends or family.

Trusted Sharing

Allow trusted friends or family controlled access to specific areas of your profile so they can access information or take action if required.

Self-audit tools

Simple step-by-step wizard takes you through different aspects of your life to ensure you've tracked the right information and put the right plans or services in place to ensure a secure future.


Living Memory works on your favourite tablet, desktop or mobile device

Advice and support

Exclusive access to regular articles and support videos providing timely advice on the best strategies for enjoying an independant healthy life

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Life Magazine

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Technology Tips

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Technology Tips

Smart time and effort saving ideas

Life Check Tools

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Life Check Tools

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Security and Safety Advice


Saul Metzstein

Privacy & Security Consultant

Start organising your life better with Living Memory.

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